WPTA Tennis Holiday Camps

Live Love Sport have over 20 years of experience at running tennis holiday camps for children aged 4-16yrs and our camps at the Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy carry on this tradition. We have now elected to run a series of summer holiday camps from Mid-July to August for players looking for weekly coaching following on from the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Each of our camps is professionally organised and run by fully licensed coaches and we take care in making sure players are matched to the right level and training program. We have groups available for younger Mini Tennis players as well as older junior players who are looking to work on their game, compete or meet friends and practice together. Please see further details below which will help you select the camp you are looking for.










Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy Camp Information:

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of each of our tennis holiday camp weeks and maximise the enjoyment of each of the players that participate. These include:

  • Highly qualified, specialised coaching team 
  • Well organised coaching programme throughout the day
  • Technical instruction as well as competitions and match play opportunities 
  • Good quality, all weather facility 
  • Specific groups for different ages and standards

For summer 2020, we would like parents to know that we will take the utmost care to make sure we deliver a safe and hygienic playing environment for all of our players based on LTA guidelines for managed play.


Choose Your Favourite Tennis Camp!

Full Days last from 10am-3pm / Half Days from 10am-1pm

Our holiday camp program is very popular for a wide range of players. WPTA offers classes that are aimed at maximising every players enjoyment of being on court, hanging out with friends and improving their tennis skills. For more advanced players, our junior or teenage camps offer elements of match play, with competitions throughout the week for our higher standard players. Take a look at the schedule on offer for the upcoming season. Our ratios are based on the number of players per coach that will be in each group. 


Mini Tennis Camps (ages 5-8yrs) Red Ball / MAX 1:8 RATIO 

Aimed at young players who have already started learning their tennis through mini tennis red ball classes, these camps offer players a fun and exciting environment from which they can learn to improve their tennis. The camps cover all aspects of learning to play tennis including physical skills, basic racket skills and much more!

  • Half Day Camp £40.00 per day / £175.00 all week 
  • Full Day Camp £50.00 per day / £200.00 all week 


Junior Tennis Camps (ages 9-11yrs) Orange/Green Ball / MAX 1:6 RATIO

Older Mini Tennis Players can sign up to one of our Junior camps where we offer specialist coaching in the important skills for this level of play. This includes competitions, coaches challenges and drills that are designed to help the players work hard on their development but enjoy the challenges set before them. 

  • Full Day Camp £60.00 per day / £250.00 all week 


Teenage Junior Tennis Camps (ages 11-16yrs) Yellow Ball / MAX 1:6 RATIO 

These camps are really popular as our teenage players love to compete, socialise and feel like they have more freedom and time to improve outside of school. Each group is organised so that there is Our coaching team aim to help all of our players understand where they need to improve and offer advice and coaching on fitness, technique, tactics and much more!

  • Full Day Camp £60.00 per day / £250.00 all week 


Sample Programme (Full Day Camp):

09.45am: Registration and Sign In

10.00am: Warm Ups, Stretches and Coaches Introduction

10.15am: Controlled Drills and Exercises (1 hour)

11.15am: Short Break 

11.20am: Open Play Games and Conditioned Points

11.50am: Fitness (Teenage and Junior Camps Only)

12.10pm: Lunch 

12.45pm: Players free time on court/off court

13.00pm: Match Play and Competitions

14.00pm: Doubles and/or Team Games

14.40pm: Coaches Challenges 

15.00pm: Tidy, Awards and Close 

(please note that this program is an example of a JUNIOR or TEENAGE camp)