Adult Tennis Coaching in Wimbledon Park 

The Wimbledon Park Tennis Academy offer a wide range of adult tennis classes so that players of every level can find the right place to work on their tennis game. If you are looking to take up tennis for the first time and want some reassuring advice, or if you are a strong player looking to work hard and take your game to the next level, then WPTA has a class to suit you this season. 




Adult Private Lessons:

  • Junior Coach:    £50 per hour 
  • Senior Coach:   £55 per hour
  • Head Coach:     £57 per hour 

Call WPTA on 0203 652 1157 to request a slot!

What Class Suits Me?

Not every player wants or needs a coach. Many adults have fun playing the game of tennis without too many thoughts about what they are doing or the rules that they keep. Tennis coaching really helps to give players some professional guidance to get the most out of their ability or games that they play.

All players in the WPTA program can find their correct level by speaking to one of our coaches and being given a level of play. Our levels offer 5 stages of development to help players progress. 

1. Beginner - learning the game for the first time or players with little existing experience 

2. Improver - basic understanding of how to play, some existing experience on the court 

3. Development - able to rally with some confidence, score games and serve with some variety 

4. Intermediate - able to play with strategy, comfortable in serving and returning situations

5. Advanced - possess good all round skills, play with variations and increase of speed, confident on court 


WPTA has classes that can be booked that relate to these levels and descriptions from Autumn 2021. Please look out for our class bookings on the Live Love Sport App where weekly sessions and courses have numbers relating to the targeted level of play. 


Adult 6 Week Tennis Courses 

If you are looking for a regular tennis lesson then WPTA offer 6 week courses that can help you play with the same players and learn specific skills for your game. These courses cover specific themes and are a great way to commit to improving your tennis. Here is a selection of what's on offer for Autumn 2021:


Tennis Express Beginner Course - Learn the Basics (Level 1)

Tennis Express is our introductory course for adults which features 6 x 1 hour sessions covering all you need to know to get into tennis. Learn how to play from the baseline in a rally, master your ball toss or start moving your feet in the right way. Our Tennis Express courses follows guidelines from the LTA about getting started in tennis and costs only £60 for 6 x 1 hour lessons. 

We have Tennis Express courses running from 1st November at the following times:

  • Monday 7pm-8pm
  • Wednesday 6pm-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-11am

Click Here to Make a Tennis Express Booking


Adult Improver Courses - Master Skills in Specific Areas (Level 2-3)

If you are progressing with your tennis skills then why not sign up to one of our Improver Level courses that focus on specific areas of the game. We have a range of 6 week courses that can all be completed to compliment each other or you can just choose your favourite topic to work on. Courses for Autumn include:

  • Key Fundementals for Tennis (helps with technique)
  • Simple Strategies (helps with tactics)
  • Serve & Return (helps with serve and return)

All our improver level courses cost £90 for non-members and £72 for members. Sign up via the Live Love Sport App by looking under lessons and choosing the best course or series of courses for your game!

We have Improver Courses running at the following times from 1st November:

  • Monday 6pm-7pm
  • Tuesday 6pm-7pm
  • Thursday 7pm-8pm

Click here to download the LLS App and make your booking 


Weekly Adult Classes 

WPTA offer classes on a weekly basis that are just pay and play situations. If you are not sure of your weekly commitments or would like to enhance your tennis with some drop in coaching, then these sessions are perfect for you!

All classes are aimed at specific levels of play with the following weekly schedule:

Advanced Training (Level 4 & 5) - fast paced drills, higher level game situations for players with confidence and experience. Mondays 7pm-8.00pm 

Intermediate Training (Level 3 & 4) - medium speed drills, rally based exercises and focus on gaining control of each shot. Thursdays 7pm-8.00pm 

Rusty Rackets Improver Training (Level 2) - basic tactical advice, development of key skills on court, slower pace of play. Sat 11am-12pm 


WPTA weekly turn up classes costs from £17 (Non Member) and £15 (Members) and are bookable through the Live Love Sport Mobile App. New Classes may be added in due course so please keep checking the schedule.